Upcoming Programs

Date & TimeFocusProgram
January 24, 7:00 amEconomyThis program features a conversation with Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital CEO Matt Rush. Attendees will consider various questions about how our community's economy will be strengthened or not, based on how we harness various opportunities.

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February 28, 7:00 amHealth & WellnessThis program features a presentation by Joan Allen, co-founder and Executive Director of Allen Neighborhood Center. Allen Neighborhood Center provides programs and activities that support the health and well-being of people and neighborhoods in northeast Lansing.

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March 28, 7:00 amBasic NeedsThis month, CanDo! shifts its focus to the role that arts and culture play in a thriving, sustainable community.  The featured speaker will be Debbie Mikula from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing.

Ms. Mikula has been a “creative placemaker” since 1981 and has served as the Arts Council’s executive director since 2013. She believes that a place is made special by utilizing the arts as a driving force for change, improvement and revitalization.

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April 25, 7:00 amEducationAs Michigan’s economy continues to improve, it is essential that there is a robust talent pipeline ready to fill the growing number of high-demand, high-wage careers both today and tomorrow. To address this challenge, the state recently launched the Marshall Plan for Talent. This plan will be the focus of the April 25 CanDo! meeting.

CanDo! has invited Ed Koledo to address this important topic. Mr. Koledo is the Senior Deputy for Talent Development in Michigan’s Department of Talent and Economic Development. Mr. Koledo is a former high school math teacher and superintendent for Linden Community Schools. He also served as Career and College Access Coordinator for Genesee County.

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May 23, 7:00 amNeighborhoods and CommunityEach day Charlotte residents pass by numerous properties with architectural and historical significance without fully appreciating their history and significance to the community. Through a state grant, these treasures have now been cataloged in preparation for listing on the U.S. Department of the Interior's National Registry of Historic Places.

May's CanDo! program will feature a presentation, complete with photos, of some of the more than 300 buildings that have been researched as a part of this project. Community Development Director Bryan Myrkle and Courthouse Square's Julie Kimmer will be the presenters.

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June 27, 7:00 amAll ElementsData show that, in today’s society, young talent choose place first. With a strong workforce, a community like Charlotte is able to attract businesses to the region and retain those already here.
At this month’s CanDo! meeting, Josh Holliday, tri-county development and placemaking manager at the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP), will be talking about the value and importance of creating a greater sense of place in our communities.

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July 25, 5:30 pmOn July 25, beginning at 6:00 p.m., six storytellers will take the stage of Windwalker Underground Gallery, 125 S. Cochran Avenue. Each will have 15 minutes to entertain, inform and inspire attendees.

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August 22, 7:00 amHealth & Wellness
September 26, 7:00 amEnvironment
October 24, 6:00 pmCharlotte Soup
November 28, 7:00 amAnnual Visioning Session