CanDo! Looks To Celebrate The Success Of Its Pillars In August

CanDo! is excited to announce that this month’s general membership meeting will be focused on the outstanding work spearheaded by its pillars. CanDo! is organized around a structure which provides opportunities for individual groups, or pillars, to spearhead community engagement activities. Focused on a multitude of projects, these pillars have become an integral part of the positive developments in Charlotte. Each pillar has a leader, and anyone can join.

The first of the four pillars, leadership, is headed up by Adrian Bass. For a number of years, the group has hosted a year-long leadership academy called LEAD, which provides aspiring leaders with skills that they need to be successful in their own organizations. The next pillar, entrepreneurship, is led by Kellie Hanford. It is currently focused on activities surrounding small business Saturday and helping engage and support entrepreneurs in Charlotte. The third pillar, charitable assets, led by Barbara Fulton, has been instrumental in developing a women’s giving circle, which allows local citizens to provide funds to help non-profits advanced their missions. The fourth and final pillar, youth, led by Bill Barnes, has developed a Key Club through Kiwanis to engage students in community leadership, and it developed a youth entrepreneurship pitch competition last year, which will be repeated this winter.

At the August general membership meeting, which takes place on August 23rd at 7:00am at the Charlotte Community Library, each of the pillar chairs will share stories about their success and plans for the future. This event will provide a great opportunity for community members to find ways to get involved in positive projects around Charlotte, and it could also be a way to introduce new and exciting ideas and opportunities. Can Do! believes that, in our community, anything is possible. Its diverse, welcoming membership creates an environment that awakens the imagination and invigorates a spirit of collaboration and generosity among community members, youth, entrepreneurs and leaders to transform the wonder of small town possibilities into realities. Its goal for 2017 to create a space to inspire everyone to engage with the community in an intentional way, to ignite action to create positive community experiences, and to celebrate results. The August general membership meeting will be, without a doubt, the embodiment of those ideals!