CanDo! To Explore Why Place Matters

Data show that, in today’s society, young talent choose place first. With a strong workforce, a community like Charlotte is able to attract businesses to the region and retain those already here.

At this month’s CanDo! meeting, Josh Holliday, tri-county development and placemaking manager at the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP), will be talking about the value and importance of creating a greater sense of place in our communities.

“As an economic development agency, we believe that place matters,” said Holliday. “It provides a sense of pride for where we call home that is essential to the growth and success of the region.”

In his presentation, Holliday will walk through the various forms of place-based developments and why they are important to the local economy. Mixed use buildings, the arts, athletics, parks, trails, festivals and roads, as well as the roles individuals can play, all contribute to the vibrancy, authenticity and sophistication of a community.

CanDo! will meet at 7:00 a.m. on June 27 in the Spartan Room of the Charlotte Community Library, 226 S. Bostwick Street. The public is invited to attend. Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided free of charge.