Ivan Iler Joins Storytellers Line-Up

Ivan Iler joins the cast of Storytellers at CanDo!’s Storytellers event on Wednesday, June 26 at 5:30 at Windwalker Underground Gallery.  Ivan will appear third year storyteller Ben Phlegar, retired Charlotte High School teacher and baseball coach, the Man from the Hand Mike Cox, Lansing Poet laureate and Michigan State University associate professor Laura Apol, and Jennifer Pahl Otto, a published author of four books for children.

Ivan Iler is a Michigan based artist who specializes in metal fabrication, he is particularly interested in outdoor public art. The idea that people will see and interact with his work long after he gone inspires him more than anything else does.

Ivan currently has many irons in the fire in terms of the mediums he uses; sometimes literally iron in the fire. Sculpting, carving, engraving, metal fabrication, (including blacksmith) painting, leather smith, drafting and mechanical design to name a few, as well as motorcycle engineering and fabrication at his shop in St Johns Michigan, Hammer In Hand Custom Cycles & Ivan Iler Studios.

Ivan’s story is a fictional story of a child that watched a horrible accident and how it ties to the emotions of being alive.

Additional information about the other storyteller’s is available here.

Join CanDo! on Wednesday, June 26 at 5:30 p.m. at Windwalker Underground Gallery, 125 S. Cochran Avenue.  You are sure to be entertained and inspired.