Solutions and Innovation

lead graphicModule Topic: Leadership Solutions and Innovation
Presenter: Gregg Guetschow, Ph.D.
Date Offered:March 2,2023
Location: Charlotte City Hall Community Room

Module Description: Among the essential skills that successful leaders possess is the ability to solve problems through both individual and team approaches. This session will introduce a number of important concepts in problem solving by focusing on five key steps: defining the problem, generating solutions, deciding on a course of action, implementing the solution, and evaluating results. Participants will apply these concepts by working in small groups to address problem scenarios found in case studies. Finally, the session will introduce problem finding as a means to spark innovation and change within organizations.

The Presenter: Gregg Guetschow has more than 35 years experience in local government management in Michigan. He has been employed as Charlotte city manager since 2007. He previously served as manager in Owosso, Hillsdale and Dundee. He has also held positions on nonprofit boards of directors for organizations involved in business development, professional education and health care. He currently holds the office of secretary of Charlotte Area Networking for Development and Opportunity (Can Do!).

Gregg earned a bachelor of arts, a master of public administration and a Ph.D. in public affairs and administration, all from Western Michigan University. He was an adjunct instructor at Baker College of Owosso from 2007 to 2011 teaching the class “American Political System.” Since 2010, he has been an advisor for Michigan’s Girls State program, overseeing a portion of the local government simulation component.

On numerous occasions throughout his professional career, Gregg has facilitated visioning, strategic planning and other group decision processes for nonprofit organizations. His many public speaking engagements have included service club presentations, a college commencement and keynote addresses for leadership development programs. In May 2002, he served as a panel member discussing conflicts of interest for a Research Ethics Symposium held at Western Michigan University. His article, “Values-based Discipline,” was included in Annual Editions: Human Resources 2001/2002.

Gregg is a member of the International City/County Management Association, the Michigan Local Government Management Association and the Charlotte Rotary Club.