Money Matters & Board Basics

lead graphicModule Topic: Money Matters for Leaders & Board Basics
Presenters: Jackie Looser, Assistant Professor Of Accounting/Business Administration at Olivet College
Date Offered: March 16, 2023
Location: Charlotte City Hall, Community Room

Module Description: Accounting is the language of business and financial statements are how that language is communicated.  An effective leader must have a solid grasp of the accounting cycle and the ability to understand what financial statements are telling them about the health, potential, and limitations of an organization.

Join us as we explore what every good leader must know about record keeping, proper safeguards and understanding financial information.  Using traditional course work, case studies and group discussions, we will review the basics of accounting, internal controls, financial statements and other critical reports, how to use historical comparisons and ratios to interpret financial information as well as how entities are organized and financed.

Boards of directors are a common element of many organizations in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Effective leadership in a director position requires, at a minimum, an understanding of the fundamental aspects of board organization and operations.

This half of the session will provide an overview of board roles and responsibilities and offer insight into the how and why boards function in the manner in which they do. Participants will be introduced to concepts such as bylaws, policies and agendas, setting goals for action, staff relations and more. In addition, we will explore what it means to be an effective board member.

The Presenter: Jackie Looser is an experienced and astute financial operations executive who has a proven record of performance in guiding complex financial operations and strategic infrastructures. This distinguished over 30-year career spanned both profit and non-profit organizations across various industries. In 2014 Jackie moved from Illinois to Michigan to serve as Olivet College’s Chief Financial Officer. After three years as CFO Jackie transitioned to the Olivet College faculty. Her teaching focuses on accounting thus, combining her two biggest passions, helping build the next generation of accounting professionals and finances.

During her career she has proven herself to be a highly effective administrator and manager, who has overseen all the finance, accounting, control functions, union negotiations and strategic operations of companies with operating budgets up to 150 million. She has led multi-disciplinary teams and been the key financial representative to various board of directors.

Jackie has always especially enjoyed the leadership aspect in her roles. She finds encouraging others to strive for success and playing a part in helping them reach their goals rewarding and fulfilling. It was that love of growth that helped Jackie realize teaching was something in which she would truly thrive. Her favorite moment is seeing a struggling student’s eyes light up when he or she finally understands a complex concept.

About her life in Michigan Jackie Looser states that “I originally came to Michigan because I was attracted to the Olivet College mission.” “I quickly fell in love with both the people and the beauty of Michigan.” Jackie is excited to be a new member of the Can-Do LEAD team and is committed to investing in the future of Eaton County business leaders.

Jackie Looser earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Illinois. She is a native of Illinois but has a love for traveling and was fortunate to travel the world during her husband’s military career.