LEAD Module: Surprising Evidence About Generosity and Leadership

lead graphicModule Topic: Surprising Evidence About Generosity and Leadership
Presenter: Barbara Fulton, Ph.D.
Date Offered: March 19, 2020
Location: AL!VE

Module Description. One can “lead from any chair”, as Benjamin Zander says.  Leadership isn’t just matter of title or training; it also involves a leader’s “intention”, perspective, and willingness to be accountable.  Generosity factors greatly into the impact a leader can have.  We often limit the meaning of generosity to a transaction where something is given.  Yet, generosity is an exchange and it impacts our operations, both within and between organizations.  It is an important element in the best forms of collaboration.  It is part of building sustainable organizations and communities.  It is part of building the trust necessary for leaders to succeed long term.  Recent research and writing provides surprising evidence and has moved the conversation about generosity to new levels of understanding and practical relevance.  This session will provide an interactive and thought-provoking look at leadership and generosity, with practical tools for applying these concepts.

The Presenter. Barbara Fulton serves as the Director of Community Development at Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital.  She was born and raised in Charlotte, then received her advanced training at Western Michigan University, where she earned her B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. (in Organizational Behavior Management.)  She taught on the faculty at WMU in Kalamazoo, Michigan until 1983.

Barbara lived & worked in northern California from 1983 until 2005, serving in a variety of leadership roles in business, nonprofits, health and in service to the public sector.  Her experience includes frequent facilitation of executive boards, as well as leadership curriculum development.  She also has extensive experience in delivering training and in program development related to performance management and organizational effectiveness.

Barbara was active in community service in Sacramento, California, completing the Leadership Sacramento program and serving on committees for local chambers and business associations, as well as on the Boards of Directors for several community organizations.

Barbara returned to live in Charlotte in 2005, joining Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital in January 2006.  She has served on the Boards of Directors for Charlotte Area Networking for Development Opportunity (Can Do!), Friends of Charlotte Performing Arts Center, the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, and the Mid-Michigan affiliate of Susan G Komen for the Cure.