January Meeting Features Conversation With Bob Filka and Bob Schroeder

Charlotte Can Do! is a local nonprofit think tank, whose primary purpose is to “incubate  remarkable ideas.” Using a framework of the Seven Elements of Healthy Communities, the group considers a different element each month.  The elements include economy, the arts, education, health and wellness, neighborhoods and communities, basic needs, and environment.

Can Do! meets monthly and invites interested community members to its first session for 2019 on Wednesday, January 23 at 7:00 a.m.  The meeting will feature a conversation with Home Builders Association CEO Bob Filka and Owner of Mayberry Homes Bob Schroeder.  The conversation will focus on how revitalization affects a community as well as what makes a community attractive for investors to develop.

For this year’s programs, Chairman Yvonne Ridge wants to focus on the seven elements of a healthy community and encourages citizens to participate and find ways to help the community move forward to the “next level” of success.  Community participation and input is a priority for Can Do’s focus this year.

The January session with Mr. Filka and Mr. Schroeder  will consider thought-provoking questions about how to harness the opportunities before us. Positive changes in communities sometimes await the transformation that comes from a different way of thinking about challenges and opportunities. How can we ask a different kind of question that helps us to see things from new perspectives? How does the way we lead change our community’s capacity and affect our community?

This session will be a great way to start your day and kick off the year with CanDo! All are welcome to this free and open session, which takes place at the Charlotte Community Library at 226 S. Bostwick Street.  A light breakfast and coffee will be provided.

CanDo! Focus – Youth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Philanthropy

CanDo!’s general meeting each November is devoted to developing a vision for the community and the organization for the coming year. Attendees this year are invited to share their thoughts and ideas regarding our CanDo! Pillars and Committees.  We will develop a Vision as it relates to CanDo!’s  Youth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Philanthropy Pillars as well as CanDo!’s  Step by Step and Marketing Committees.

“CanDo! has a long history of nurturing new ideas and inspiring individuals and organizations to act on them,” said CanDo! Vice Chairperson Yvonne Ridge.  “We want to continue to incubate remarkable ideas and need community input”.  Some of CanDo!’s recent successes you may recognize are Charlotte Christmas, Women Giving Together Eaton County, The Art of Charlotte, Lead Leadership Training, five Minute Tops, Charlotte Soup, and many more.

CanDo!’s board of directors has adopted a framework called the Seven Elements of a Healthy Community to guide its efforts in community development.  Examples of the seven elements are arts and culture, health and wellness, education, and economic development.  During the November 28, 2018 meeting, the seven elements will be used as a starting point to generate discussion for each Pillar and Committee.

“CanDo! Board Members are encouraged by the positive energy we are seeing in Charlotte,” Ridge said, “but we know there are always more ideas and more work to be done.  We are looking for a causal discussion to assist in developing a vision for the pillars’ and committees’ of CanDo”.

The November CanDo! meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 28 at 5:30 p.m.  at WindWalker Underground Gallery, 125 Cochran Avenue.  Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Can Do! (Charlotte Area Networking for Development and Opportunity) provides occasions for networking among individuals interested in developing a more vital and prosperous community. General meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month except December and are open to anyone who lives or works in the Charlotte area.

Charlotte Soup Returns October 24

CanDo! will host Charlotte Soup again this month, repeating an event based on a similar idea from Detroit. The concept is simple; citizens come together to share a meal and then generate ideas to help improve the community!

Charlotte Soup in 2017 funded two new attractions in the community. A Charlotte Christmas was held at Camp Frances and featured lighted trails, horse-drawn wagon rides, reindeer, Santa Claus and a campfire. Art of Charlotte took place in downtown with live music, visual arts and local cuisine. Plans are underway to repeat both events.

The CanDo! board of directors is interested in building on last year’s success by identifying new projects to fund. To take part, participants buy a $10 ticket. $5 covers the cost of the meal –soup, beverage and a cookie — and $5 goes into a collection to fund a community improvement project. Participants work in groups to generate ideas, and at the end of the night, everyone will vote on the projects that they would like to see funded. One project will be funded from the money raised by the event and a second project will be funded with a $300 grant from CanDo!

Charlotte Soup will take place from 5:30-7:30 pm on Wednesday, October 24th at the Eaton Area Senior Center, 804 S Cochran Ave, Charlotte, MI. All Charlotte community members are welcome. Tickets can be purchased in advance from the County Journal offices and the Eaton Area Senior Center. Tickets will also be available at the door. The soup is being provided by the Eaton Place, Sidestreet Deli, and the Eaton Area Senior Center. Questions about the event can be directed to CanDo! chairman Gregg Guetschow at charlottecando@gmail.com.

HGB’s Sustrich and Fulton discuss health and wellness at Can Do!

If you work or reside in Eaton County, you are likely familiar with Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital.  Many have experienced the local hospital as patients, family members, visitors, or even as employees or volunteers. Barbara Fulton, HGB director of community development, and Patrick Sustrich, HGB chief integration officer, will look at health and wellness from a different perspective at the monthly Can Do! session at 7 a.m.Wednesday, September 26.

Fulton and Sustrich will share a fast-paced presentation highlighting health care trends in Eaton County since the hospital’s beginning 85 years ago, and compare those to current trends in community health that have led to transformation in how care is delivered. They will answer questions regarding how hospitals impact local economic vitality and how types of health conditions in a community affect health care processes. The presentation will feature new information and data, and point to exciting possibilities for community collaboration and innovation.

A decade ago, HGB considered its responsibility for innovation in prevention and wellness, which led to the design and development of AL!VE, the hospital’s experience-based destination health park. It has more recently turned its attention to the need for innovation in care for chronic health conditions.  Key pilot studies are underway that will be shared with the audience at Can Do!

Those interested in local economic vitality, innovation, or health and wellness will find something of value in the conversations at this month’s Can Do! meeting. All are welcome, and there is no cost to attend. Join us for this health and wellness discussion in the Spartan Room at the Charlotte Community Library at 226 S. Bostwick Street in Charlotte, Mich.  Coffee and a light breakfast are provided, and the program ends by 8:30 a.m.

CanDo! Meeting to Focus on the Environment

Each month, Charlotte Networking for Development and Opportunity (CanDo!) explores one of the 7 Elements of a Healthy Community. Recognizing that a healthy community requires a healthy environment, CanDo!’s August 22 gathering will focus on this element.

“It seems as though every week the news media report about a new environmental issue somewhere in the world,” said CanDo! chairman Gregg Guetschow. “This program is intended to bring attention to these concerns a little closer to home.”

The August program will be presented by J.P. Buckingham, Chief Operating Officer and Principal Geologist with Triterra, a professional environmental consulting firm in Lansing. J.P. was raised and continues to live on his family’s farm in Eaton Rapids. He has more than 19 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry and environmental consulting.

J.P’s presentation will provide a history and overview of the State’s involvement in environmental issues. He will also provide information about emerging contaminant issues such as PFAS that have been the subject of recent reports in other Michigan communities.

“We hope this program will spur residents to ask what they can do to preserve and enhance the local environment for future generations,” Guetschow said.

The August 22 CanDo! session will be held at the Charlotte Community Library, 226 S. Bostwick Street, beginning at 7:00 a.m. The public is welcome to attend. Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided free of charge.