lead graphicModule Topic: Communicate to Connect
Presenter: C. Leslie Charles
Date Offered: January 19, 2023
Location: Charlotte Library Spartan Room

Module Description: We all communicate, but that doesn’t mean we’ve truly connected. From speaking or writing to social media, you always want to ensure that the message you send is the one you intend.

At work and home (or at work at home), you spend more than half your day in some form of communication. How would you rate your effectiveness? You try to send clear, complete, competent messages, though recipients might be left with a different interpretation. The disparity isn’t discovered till things go sideways.

One positive outcome from the pandemic is that the greeting “How are you?” took on a new meaning, one with the word “really” implied. In other words, we didn’t just communicate, we connected, an essential element in every interaction that matters.

Whether the setting is professional or personal, this session will help you express your ideas so that others better understand your intent and expectations. After all, it’s easier to prevent misunderstandings than undo them. Learn what effective leaders do to get the results they want for increased understanding and efficiency.

Yes, you can break through the “sound” barrier, by perfecting the little-known listening and meta-communication skills you never learned in school. Become more mindful of what you say and do; enhance your relationships with others by connecting the dots in significant ways. If you have any interest in taking your communication skills to the next level, this session is for you.

The Presenter: For over three decades, Leslie Charles has worked with audiences throughout North America, blending her communication degree with specialized training in empathy and conflict management.

Leslie offers practical ideas and real-life examples while modeling her message. An LCC Distinguished Alumni and MSU Com/Art/Sci Outstanding Alumni, she’s appeared in the national media, including radio, TV, magazines and even a USA Today cover story. She is currently working on her eighth book.